VS4115 Flight, Virgin Atlantic, Los Angeles to San Francisco

Flight VS4115 Status. The latest information about ontime frequency, average delay, current status, flight duration and flight distance of Virgin Atlantic Flight VS4115.

Virgin Atlantic VS4115 Flight Information

Virgin Atlantic Domestic Flight, Los Angeles to San Francisco

Departure Airport: LAX Arrival Airport: SFO
Departure Airport: Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, United States Arrival Airport: San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, United States
Los Angeles Current Time: Monday 2017-07-24 09:36 AM San Francisco Current Time: Monday 2017-07-24 09:36 AM
Los Angeles Time Zone: GMT-07:00 San Francisco Time Zone: GMT-07:00

Time Zone Difference: 0 hour(s)

Flight Duration: 1 hour(s) 38 minute(s)
Flight Distance: 543 km / 338 miles
Operating Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Virgin Atlantic VS4115 Flight Status

Scheduled Departure from Los Angeles: 7:00 AM / 07:00* Scheduled Arrival to San Francisco: 8:38 AM / 08:38*

* = All times are given in the time zone of the airport

Flight VS4115 is scheduled in 0 day(s) 21 hour(s) 24 minute(s).

Ontime Frequency: 95 %

Average Delay: 11 minutes

VS4115 Los Angeles to San Francisco Flight History

Departure Date Departure Day Departure Time From To Arrival Time Flight Time
2017-07-24Monday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38
2017-07-21Friday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38
2017-07-20Thursday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38
2017-07-19Wednesday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38
2017-07-18Tuesday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38
2017-07-17Monday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38
2017-07-14Friday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38
2017-07-13Thursday7:00 AM(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco8:38 AM1:38


This Virgin Atlantic flight VS4115 is marketed as a codeshare flight: AF8876 Air France, CZ1249 China Southern Airlines, DL2776 Delta Air Lines, VS4159 Virgin Atlantic

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